System Settings

Automatic Shutdown

Music 1 should not be left running. There is an automatic shut-down function in System Settings that should be enabled. If you are not working with it, close it out. Have our auto-shutdown enabled, as well. The reasons for this are twofold. First, M1 makes a backup of your library database each day. If it is left running for many days and then find yourself in need of a restore back a day or two, there won't be one and you'll have to restore back to an even earlier time than you'd prefer. Second and most importantly, if Music 1 is not properly closed, it will ask for a re-activation code the next time you go to load it. The last thing M1 does when you close it is to set an internal flag saying "this is a licensed database." If M1 is running and Windows does a re-start, it will not properly close M1 before it does, the internal flag won't be set and you'll be asked for re-activation the next time you start it. This can also happen if M1 is running and the computer loses power.
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Lost Database Recovery

Several times a year, we get an urgent call from a MusicONE user reporting that his database 'has been deleted'.  That can be scary, but it can't happen, M1 can not delete its own database. Here's what's really happened...
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Multi-User Update

With this revision 617, there is an important change for stations that use our multi-user mode and also have two or more Music 1 licenses.
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