Radio Stuff

Artist Trivia Pop-up

Online Radio Box has now added something new, a "quotes" pop-up feature. If something by The Police is playing, there'll be a quote from Sting. The screenshot below is the first time I saw it. How are they doing it, I don't know. But, if I were programming a station today, I'd put my webmaster on the project; find out how to do it and get it on my homepage.
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Genesis of the Music Scheduler

Well, it's the genesis of my music scheduler, anyway. The origins of the other schedulers trace back to DOS.  MusicONE's algorithm was first developed for the Mac...
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The New Cirrus Player from SecureNet

Last week, I got a full look at the latest release from Cirrus Streaming. If I were programming a radio station today, this is the one I'd want. And I'd probably switch hosting to get it. 
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