PlayoutONE – Import Settings

There are three "Types" in Music 1. These are audio card types; Music, Non-Music and Advert or Spot. PlayoutONE may have many different Types of it's own, such as Jingle, Liner, Promo, etc.
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Importing and Not Importing from PlayoutONE

Music 1 automatically imports new audio metadata that is imported into the PlayoutONE automation system. It will import only the "types" of audio that you choose and will omit importing unnecessary audio data.
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PlayoutONE – Disconnecting M1 To Work Remotely

This Post Applies Only to PlayoutONE and Sync-Harmony Automation Systems. Of all the automation systems that M1 works with, our tightest integration is with PlayoutONE and its sibling Sync-Harmony. Any change to a song card in M1 is immediately reflected in P1. 
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