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Packets – When To Packet

The question came up again about Grouping solo songs with the singer's Group for Artist Separation.  The Jacksons was one of his examples and the PD asked if packets might be a way to get Jermaine and The Jacksons and the Jackson Five and Michael all the better spaced out through the broadcast day.  The short answer is yes, packets are handy for that.  But that also makes for the other benefit of packets, which is to keep the 'lesser' hits by the Big Stars in play.  Here's a short example:  If I had an Oldies station playing just these five Michael Jackson songs, I'd have "Billy Jean", "Off the Wall" and "Thriller" in full rotation. Those were Monster hits. Then, I'd put "This Is It" and "Human Nature" into a packet. They were hits, but they weren't nearly as important and popular as the iconic the first three. Being in a packet, then those two would get played, but only half as much as the real biggies in the Category.

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