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Play Number Explained In Detail

Here’s the puzzle: You want all the songs in a category to get the same number of spins. Sometimes you want to manually search-and-schedule a song, just drop it into the schedule somewhere because it’s the artist’s birthday or because you know it’ll sound good next to another song that you see on the scheduling clocks.

So, when you search-and-schedule a song, should it count as a “regular” play or should it just be an “extra” play. This is not an “always this way” or “always that way” proposition.  Sometimes you’ll want it to ‘count’ and sometimes you won’t.  Music 1 allows you to handle it either way, but because this is not always a yes/no action, you need to have a clear understanding of the function. Below are four video tutorials. They run between 3 and 4 minutes each. Please see them all.

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