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Packets – How do I create a packet?

a packet begins as a Category. it becomes a Packet when you add the Category into another Category.

create your new Category. move the songs into it. then click on the other Category, the one you want to put the packe into.  open the Tracks menu and select:  New>Packet

it will show you the list of all your categories. select the one you want and click the ok button and it'll be added to that category...down at the bottom.

don't leave packets at the bottom of a category. move it
up to the top part of the list.

if you add the packet several times, then spread them out, thru the list.

to remove a packet from a category, double-click on the packet name within the Category.  it will open up on a Song Card that has only the packet name as the title.  on that card you'll see the REMOVE button.  that removes the packet from the category and makes it a regular Category again.

if you've added a packet to a category more than once, you'll have to remove all the instances of it as a packet before it becomes a regular category again.

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