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How can I set it so a song doesn’t repeat for 14 days?

Music 1 doesn’t have a one-click way to do this. The rotation and exposure of any song is a function of your formatting. Song rotations are always a combination of two things: 1) The number of songs in the category, and 2) how frequently the category is used in the clocks/hours/days.

Open any Category and look at the Average Turnover.  You see a graphic display of the rotation pattern of the category.  It shows you: if a song from the category first plays HERE (first blue square), then it will next most likely play THERE (next blue square)

You can see how the rotation pattern can be altered with the Change box on that screen.  Click the + and – buttons and see what would happen to the rotation if you added X-number of songs to the category or if you took X-number out of it.
So, if you don’t want any songs repeating within 2 weeks, you’ll simply need to have enough songs in the category to give you the rotation you want.

You can decrease the amount of play some songs in the category get by Packeting them.  To do this, you create a new and separate category and move songs into it. Then you open the Main category and add the category to it as a packet.  The packet will rotate as ONE song. Each time the packet is scheduled, M1 will then pick one song out of the packet.  So, if your packet has 3 songs in it, each of them will get 1/3 the amount of play as all the other songs in the total category.

You can also add the packet to the master category numerous times. Like, if you had a gold rotation with 250 songs in it and there were 15 by the Stones, you could make a Stones Packet, then add that packet to the category, maybe 5 times. You would then have five ‘Stones’ in the category; each of the individual songs within the packets would get 1/3 the amount of play as the other songs in the category that were not in packets.

If you use packets, you’ll need to run some logs and watch the rotation patterns of the songs to see how it flows. The Average Turnover window can’t show you what the turnover of songs within packets will be. You may have to do some experimenting a bit to get the exposure of the songs within packets to your liking.

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