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How Can I Make Some Songs By An Artist Play More Than Other Songs By The Artist?

I’ve got a category with a bunch of songs by one artist. I want some of those songs to get less play that others. How can I get that to happen?

You can do it with Packets. A Packet is a Category that is placed into another Category. The Packet “rotates” as if it were a single song. M1 schedules the Packet, then it schedules one song from within the Packet. All the songs within the Packet get the same number of spins, but since the packet rotates as if it were a single song, the songs inside the packet get a lot less airplay that the other ‘regular’ songs in the Category.

Let’s say you have a Category with nine songs and one Packet with the Packet containing two Adele songs. There are 10 “units” in the Category. Adele, the artist, will get just as many spins in the week as the other nine artists in the Category, but each of the two songs within the Packet will get 1/2 the number of spins as the other individual songs. You could increase the number of spins of the two Adele songs by adding the Packet into the category TWICE. Then you’d have eleven units in the category…nine songs and two Packets. Now the two Adele songs in the packet will each get a few more spins each week, but still not as many spins as the other individual songs in the Category, but also Adele the artist will get twice as many spins as the other artists because she is in the Category twice (two packets).







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