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Shuffle the HOT category weekly? Is that good to do?

Yes, and you should; reason being, the Hots have the highest turnover
and, scheduling in the first pass, they almost always schedule 1-2-3 in
rank order. if you’re playing 4 an hour, say, one every quarter hour,
then for one week, whenever “this” song plays, fifteen minutes
later “that” song plays. Heavy listeners, office workers might start
to notice the “predictability” of it if you leave the card stack in
the same order for a long time. so, you shuffle and then next
week when “this” song plays, fifteen minutes later “some other”
one plays, not the same as last week.

shuffle on weekends because the next pass thru a category
after a shuffle is always going to be screwy, because the card stack
has changed. you’re going to run into some ‘same song previous day’
rules, mostly. I just turn that rule off for the next schedule after i do
a shuffle and let it fly. since listening patterns on weekends are so
different from week days, if you get the very same song at 9am on
Saturday that you got at 9am on Friday, there’s a whole different
group of listeners, so it’s not as concerning as it would be if you
get the very same song at 9am on Monday and again at 9am
on Tuesday.

to turn off the rule, as soon as you load a schedule
go to the Rules>Enforcement menu and remove the check from
the Song Previous Day box. M1 won’t observe any rule that
does not have a check in the box next to it. When you turn it
off, if you just click OK, it’ll not observe that rule for this one
schedule. It’ll be on again when you load the next one.
If you turn it off and click the “Save As Default” button, the
rule will stay off for all future schedules until such time as
you turn it on again.

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