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Can I Search For Songs From A Specific Year?

Can I do a search in a category for titles from specific years and place them someplace to be able to put them into a clock? I’m thinking of running shows for specific years occasionally.

Is this show going to be something run full time…like with an hour or so of nothing but 70’s? or are you looking to just occasionally drop a 70s in some various slots?

If it is full time, then you need to make a “Selection” category for the Hit Years you need. A Selection category is the special the type category that lets a song be in two categories at the same time. You copy song cards into the Selection category, then you can put the category onto clocks as you would any other category.  With a Selection category, songs are effectively in two different categories (the Selection Category feature is not available in Music 1 SE, just in the Pro edition).

For putting a SINGLE song from a hit year or span of years into one clock position, you can add a “song from search” Clock Item to a clock and then specify the song characteristics M1 is to search for to fill the slot.

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