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A Question About The Average Turnover Number

I have a category that only runs 10p to 2a on weekdays. The average turnover says it’ll be 66 days before repeats, but that’s not accurate. The rotation chart shows the songs will all get 2 plays per month and that looks more accurate to me. Why don’t these two things agree?

the rotation chart graphic is the more accurate thing. the average turnover is based on either
total hours (168) or music hours…those being the total number of hours in the week where even one
music category is scheduled. so, if you had 10 hours of syndicated programming on weekends, the
calculation would be based on 158 hours.

the bugaboo is that not all categories may be used in all hours….but the calculation
is based on all the music hours. so, with a category like yours that’s only used on
weekdays, not on weekends, the turnover calculation formula still takes into consideration all the weekend hours.
so a song might have a five hour turnover monday thru friday, but the calculation,
taking the weekend music hours into the figuring, might show the turnover as 8 hours. it’s a ‘total week’ thing.

the rotation chart graphic is truly accurate. it shows only THIS category, where it is used…and thus
what the pattern would be for any one song in the category.

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