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Which automation systems does M1 work with?

All of them.  There are about 50 different outputs built into Versions 6 and LE now.  Click the System button, then the Automation tab.  On that screen you’ll see the Format selection field. Click it open and you’ll see all of the popular, widely used professional automation systems in the world there.  Just select yours and M1 will then output the specific playlist/log file that the system wants.

You’ll see some of the systems have multiple outputs.  There are four for Audio Vault, I think.  In that case, call us and we’ll help you figure which is right for your system.

If you don’t see your system there, it’s not a problem because M1 also has a function that allows you/us to custom-create any type log file that might be needed.

Music 1 SE exports just a few, those for the popular webcast systems, SAM Broadcaster, Ots A/V, etc.  Most use the simple .m3u-type playlist file. WinAmp can use that, but SE also has a WinAmp-specific output.

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