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We’re switching from our old automation system to SS32, what do we need to do with M1 to get it to work with the new system?

Each automation system has it’s own cart numbering system style.  Some use 6 digits, some use 8.  SS32 uses a combination of its own ‘category’, plus two letters and four digits.  Like this:  103-DA1234 or JIN-DA1235.  After you’ve moved all your audio files from the other system into the SS32 drive, export the library data to a text file (SS32 has a built-in function to do this) then send that to us here at the M1 office and include a copy of your station.m1 file.  We’ll merge the data and import your new Cart numbers into your database and send back to you.  The only thing that’ll change is that field…all your M1 categories and cards and clocks will be just as they were.

We do this often and it’s a smooth process.

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