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Using Player Commands

I need to put a command into Music 1 that will tell my Audio Vault system to fade at the end of the hour, drop any of the unneeded over-material I may have over-scheduled. How to do that?

Add a “Player Command” to the clock, then put the command into the proper filed on that unit and enter the specific time that you want it to be given in the log file that M1 makes for the automation system. Screenshots below walk you through it. You have an A/V system, so I’ve used that one for the example, but the Player Command works with all systems. There may be some slight differences in the Fields that are displayed from one system to another, depending on the needs of each one.

In the final screenshot (above), we’re looking at an AudioVault log file produced by M1. If you’re using a different automation system, you can open the log file M1 creates for your system with a text editor (right-click on the file and select: Open With…Notepad). You can visually check the output and see what M1 is doing with your command, it’s position and the given start time. If it doesn’t seem to be just right for you, contact Steve or Neil at the M1 office for assistance.

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