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StationPlaylist Creator Log Importer Settings

Many M1/StationPlaylist users also use the SPS “Creator” as it is required to import a more complex playlist than is needed for StationPlaylist alone.  If one is doing remote voice tracking or wants SPS to have hard-syncs, soft-syncs, feed switching and time updates during the broadcast day, then it requires the Creator module.

Below are the settings to use for Creator to correctly read and import the specific playlist file that M1 makes for it. In this example, the Log Folder has been designated to be: c:Music 1Automation Logs That is where this particular installation of Music 1 was told to save it’s output. You may, of course, have M1 putting the playlist/log files for Creator in some other directory/folder. That is OK, but you must make sure that the Creator Importer and the Music 1 output are both pointed to the same, exact drive/folder.

SPS Creator Importer v292

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