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Player Commands For StationPlaylist Creator

There are two outputs for StationPlaylist in Music 1/Professional. One for StationPlaylistStudio and another for the company’s Creator. Using Creator adds a lot more functionality to SPS, allowing one to manually insert Voice Tracks into a finished schedule, to merge a music schedule and a traffic schedule and to insert Player Commands that tell SPS to do desired things such as “switch to satellite feed”.

The Commands have three elements to them. First, the Start Time; second a single character that tells SPS what the unit is; third a short command string of four (or so) characters. If you are using SPS Creator, you’ll need to get the characters and command strings from that company. Below are the things you need to know to get M1 to include the needed stuff in the log file it produces for SPS Creator

NOTE: There are now two ways to enter these commands. Also see this page.

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