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Sam Cloud and Music 1

Music 1 has worked in team with SAM Broadcaster for more than a decade. As with all automation/playout systems, M1 must deliver a playlist file that contains the specific fields that each system needs and the data fields must be arranged within the text file format. SAM Broadcaster requires a simple .m3u-type text file that contains a list of the drivepathfile.names of the daily programming schedule.

The drivepathfilename is that which is entered into the CART fields on the M1 audio cards. That’s what SAM Broadcaster needed in the playlist file. It was much the same with Sam VIBE, which was software that needed to be installed on the local computer. SAM Cloud, however, is browser-based so there are challenges associated with uploading and preserving paths.

From the CTO of SAM Cloud:
While uploading tracks from the browser does not allow us to preserve paths due to security restrictions, we have developed a set of cross-platform apps to help you with uploading tracks to the cloud and then a separate utility to add those to playlists and the queue from a playlist file (like m3u etc.)

For background info, I would ask that you quickly run through these articles from top to bottom.  You will find instructions for our Library import utility and for your Playlist import utility on our support page.

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