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Switching To PlayoutONE From Another System

Music 1 users sometimes choose to change their playout systems and usually that means the Cart field must be updated. The Cart field is what tells the automation/playout system how to find the audio to play. Most internet playout system use the drivepathfilename. Most broadcast automation systems use a cart number of their own design, often just number. That is the case with PlayoutONE.  Each piece of audio imported into P1 is given a unique UID.  That number must be in the playlists that M1 makes.

When switching an active M1 license to work with a new P1 database/library, here’s what to do.

  1. Import your audio library into P1
  2. In M1, use the update function that will make a match on the Title+Artist field in both the M1 and P1 databases.

This will replace the obsolete Cart numbers on the M1 cards with the new P1 UIDs.    After the update, you’ll probably find some tracks that didn’t match, the old cart data remaining. Those will need to be manually updated.  You can add the Cart field to any M1 category view to quickly sort on that field to find the errant ones.

PlayoutONE - Switching To Cart Update

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