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PlayoutONE Commands – Hard and Soft Syncs

Commands can be formatted directly into the Music 1 Format Clocks that will then direct PlayoutONE to do such things as hard syncs, soft syncs, network/stream joins and breakways, etc.   So, for example, if you are over-scheduling hours (as many do) you can have M1 tell P1 to fade the song playing at 59:59 past the hour and jump to the first thing scheduled at the beginning of the next hour.  Or, you could have M1 direct P1 to finish the song or audio file that is playing at 59:59, then jump to the first unit of the next hour.

P1 - Soft Sync 1



P1 - Hard Sync



Adding Player Commands To M1 Format Clocks

There are sixteen different Commands available, but the most commonly used are the two end-of-hour commands. Most stations choose to use one or the other. Remember: Soft Sync/SOFTMARKER will allow whatever may be playing at 59:59 to finish fully; Hard Sync/HITMARKER will immediately fade whatever may be playing at 59:59.
P1 - Player Command Add To Clock 1P1 - Player Command Add To Clock 2



P1 - Player Command Add To Clock 3



P1 - Player Command Add To Clock 4


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