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Formatting Daily Voice Tracking for PlayoutONE

When daily / one-time-use voice tracks are recorded remotely and then sent to your station for airplay, you must have the voice tracks date-named in a specific manner. This way it ensures that your voice tracks are played in the correct hours and positions.  For example:  A station has four announcers each working a six-hour shift. The Midnight-to-6am announcer has four voice tracks each of the six hours, a total of 24 voice tracks. When he records the tracks, he must name them like this for March 27, 2015:


The four voice tracks for the 1am hour will need to be named this way:


The first voice track for the announcer who comes on at 6am will be:


When you receive the files from your announcers, you will import them into PlayoutONE as with any other audio files. You will use just one “card” in Music 1 to schedule all of the daily voice tracks. Create a non-music category and named it “Daily VT”  (or something similar). Add one card to the category.  Click the Auto-number box on the card and enter the settings below.

P1 - AutoNumbered Tracks

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