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Enco Digilink Output For Multiple Streams

Digilink has a function allowing one stream of programming to be delivered to multiple channels; one for broadcast and another for internet is the most common example.  In this case, each of the channels may have channel-specific adverts that need to be inserted within some commercial breaks. To do this, Digilink will merge the master programming content that has been scheduled by Music 1 and merge it with the unique commercials for each stream.

There will be a specific commercial log scheduled for each stream. The commercial log file must be dated and must include some identifier that Digilink can recognize so it will put the right commercials into the right channels.

When Traffecta is the traffic/billing scheduler, the recommended way is to add a dash and station “number” into the log file name.

Talk with tech support at Enco for help on their side.

Enco-DadPro Multi Station Log

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