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Setting Default Genders

I just imported a song library and now I see that all of my Song Cards have the correct gender of the artist, but when I look at the Artist table, there is no Gender for the Artists. Why not?

When M1 imports library data from a text file, if a song record has a Gender field, M1 can be directed to apply that to the song card itself. But is not applied to the Artists table because we often see inconsistent data presented for import.  Like, we may get a library file/text file that has 10 songs by Lady GaGa, and seven of the songs have her as Female, two have her as Male and one has no gender at all.  Then the question is: which is correct? M1 does not have an outside reference, so it only works with the data as presented and each Song Card will have the Gender that was in the file record for each one.

There is no pressing reason why the Artist table should have to have a default Gender, other than this:  If your Lady GaGa “artist” has the gender set as Female, then whenever you add a new song card by her, that gender can be automatically entered.  You could, of course, just click it in on the song card as you add it.

Set Default Genders

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