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Artist Separation – Problem Investigation 2

We have Justin Bieber songs placed in 3 different categories.  Yesterday he played 3 times in a 40 minute window.  How can I prevent this from happening?

......first, go to the Artists table and check to be sure you have a proper separation set for him.  also check to be sure there are no misspellings.   like if you had him in one time spelled bieber and anther time spelled beiber.   in such case, you open the mis-spelled one and correct it...when you close, m1 will ask if you want to 'delete this duplicate artist' and you say yes. it'll put the proper spelling on all the artist carts that have the wrong spelling.

......next, look at the rules for the categories to be sure the box "don't enforce artist separation" is not checked.

......next, load a schedule, go to Rules>Enforcement and be sure the box "Artist Separation" is checked.    any rule that has no check mark is not being enforced.

......also...if you have more than one song by same artist in any single category, make sure they are fully separated.  like
if you have a category with 100 songs and 2 are by same artist, you'll want them separated by between 30 and 60 or so slots in Rank order within the category.   this will ensure that the two are well spaced in regular scheduling.

.....and finally, you're not scheduling in 'automatic' mode are you? In Automatic, M1 does, of necessity, have to schedule some songs in violation of rules.

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