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Artist Separation Problem – Special Case

I've got a unique problem. Our station runs a Polka show on Saturday night. Our library has a lot of tracks by very few Polka artists. When I'm scheduling that day of the week, M1 stops and stops and stops because of the Artist Separation rule. I don't really care about separations for those artists. Even if they schedule back to back, it is ok with me. What's the best way to get M1 to forget about Artist Separation during the Polka show but to continue to observe the rules in all the other categories and clocks for the rest of the week?

There are three ways to deal with this. The best way is to put a zero (:00) separation time on your Polka artists. Another way is to tell M1 to ignore the Artist Separation rule in the Polka categories. The third way is to put the Polka categories at the bottom of the rank order in the Categories list so they will be the last categories to be scheduled. Then, when you run the Saturday schedule, when M1 stops for the first time on one of the Polka slots, turn off the Artist Sepation rule. Below are some screen shots showing how to do each of these things:

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