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Artist Separation Not Working

Hi Steve,
I have the new station using Music 1 SE, but I’m having a problem with artist separation, it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m either getting a double shot of the artist, which is not set, or I’m getting the artist twice within the hour. I must be missing something. Can you help me out.

Yes, here’s the check list
1) click the Artist button to show the list of artists
2) open the Edit menu and select: Compute Maximum Separations
3) click to select the first artist….scroll to bottom of list and hold
shift key and click on last artist, to select them all.
4) open the Update Drop-down field at the top of the artist list
and select: “Separation”
5) to the right, in the next field it should say: Computed Separation
6) click the yellow button to the right of that.
all the artists will be set for either the computed separation or
2 hours, whichever is less.
7) look at your categories in RANK order (click the “rank” heading
at the top of the song list so you see the songs in
1-2-3-4 order. then scroll up and down the list to be sure you
don’t have songs by same artist next to each other…you want
the spread thru the list equally. a Shuffle command with
“Separate Artists” will do a good job, if not.

After those steps are taken, Load a new schedule. open Rules>Enforcement.
Be sure there is a check in the Artist Separation box. That tells M1 to
enforce the rule. If it is not checked, M1 is not observing
that rule. Also, you must be scheduling in “Manual” scheduling
mode. If not, if you are scheduling in “Automatic” with M1
will not stop for any rule violation….Automatic is only for making
a very quick must-get-it-done-now type of log, it doesn’t
produce the very best results because the computer has to
make choices when violations are encountered and computers
don’t have much sense about such things.

Special Note About Automatic Scheduling: Music 1 SE will not stop to display rule violations when it is scheduling in Automatic mode. When slots are encountered where all the current choices would violate one of your formatting rules, it will make a choice itself and fill the slot. After the schedule is finished, you can then scroll through the schedule and see M1 has ‘flagged’ the violations by displaying those Song Titles in red font. In the Log/List view it will have a “violations” column that will display the specific violation for each song.

When scheduling in Automatic mode with Music 1 Version 7/Professional, it WILL stop for violations until and unless you open the Rules>Enforcement menu and un-check some, or all, of the Rule boxes. In this manner, you can tell M1/Pro to ignore some rules but not others.

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