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Sound Codes Used to Format Pre-Song Stagers

Schedule a Voice Track or Schedule A Sweeper

Situation:  You have two types of Stagers that you schedule before songs. Produced Sweepers (or Jingles) are to play before songs with Voice-Opens (like, Take A Chance On Me/Abba) and Dry-Voicers are to schedule next to songs with Intros (like, Mama Mia/Abba).  Then, the automation system will lay that voice track over the opening music of the song. 

You can format and manage this with Sound Codes.


Doing it this way could result in some eventual schedule editing stops if one type of pre-song Stager is used more than the other type. Say you have  20 tracks in a Pre-Song Stager category; 10 Sweepers and 10 Dry/Over-Intros. M1 is designed to schedule everything equally, so if 60% of your song library has Intro music, then the Dry voicers will get more play and then 10 sweepers. The Violation would show in the editor as: "Over Schedule"  If that happens, you can shuffle the Stager category and Clear the Play Flags to reset the counter.