What kind of Computer do i need to run it?

Music 1 is Windows-native and works on everything from Windows 10 and Server back to XP.  Four megs of ram or more is recommended.

Does music 1 work with my automation system?

Yes, M1 has system-specific playouts outputs for all of the broadcast world's automation systems.

Is it complicated to switch to M1 from some other scheduler?


I don't have a music scheduler now, how can my song data be imported?


Does it take long to learn to use it?

Can I schedule more than one station with M1?

Can I install M1 on more than one computer?

What's the difference between M1 and other music schedulers?



Why should i switch to music 1?

Easy to do.  Export the library data from your old scheduled to a text file.  Send that file to us in a .csv, .xls, tab-delimited or fixed-width file.  We'll import it into M1 and have it back to you in less than a day.  Format clocks from another scheduler cannot be transferred, but creating clocks in M1 is quick, easy and fun.

Most all of the broadcast playout/automation systems can export basic library data to a file that can be imported into M1. It can import data directly from some systems including WideOrbit, AudioVault, Simian and PlayoutONE.  If you use mp3's, M1 can read the meta-data (tags) directly from the audio files.

M1 has the lowest learning curve of any such software. The developers’ goal has always been focused on making M1 products simpler and more intuitive.


Yes. You must have a licensed database for each station. When you start M1, you select the database (station) you want to work with.

Yes. Then you can move your licensed database/library file from one computer to another.  Or, you can put it in the cloud (dropbox, google drive, etc.) and access it from your different machines.

Others schedule all of the songs first. The music director then edits the schedule, fixing rule violations and filling empty slots. M1 is designed for inter-active scheduling and editing; the music director's edits are made during the scheduling run. M1 also has two other scheduling modes; full automatic and hybrid. See this video.

It produces the most accurate and consistent song rotations and spins. You get error-free playlists each day with much less work-time. M1 users average under ten minutes a day working in inter-active mode. Hybrid mode users are under five minutes a playlist. Full automatic schedules are finished in under sixty seconds.