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The Category 35% Rule

This Doesn't Do What We Think It Might Do

This is a minor category rule that seems more important than it actually is. The "Allow Repeat after X-% of Song have played..."  You should leave that box at the 35% default.  The only reason for it is to ensure that some songs do not  come up much too early after a shuffle.   for example, if the Oldie category has a 5 day turnover, and if a song scheduled on Friday and you shuffled before scheduling Saturday, there is the chance the song could show up again in the Saturday log.  The 35% rule will prevent that ... It will make sure that a third of the songs in the category have been scheduled before the song gets scheduled. So, the songs that scheduled on Friday won't schedule again until late Sunday or early Monday. Then they will settle in and not repeat again until the 5-day turnover you have planned for that category.  

The video here runs 90s seconds.