This is everything, gang. The first post on this blog was 13/May, 2009. The sole purpose of the MusicONE blog is to dispense information, training and useful tips about the music scheduler. You can usually find an article or video with an answer to your question by typing a word or two into the Search field. But if you scan down the page, you may find some things M1 does that you didn't know about.

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· Song Cards

End-Date Display Selection

How to Select the Format You SeeNon-music cards in M1 and Spot cards in TrafficOne may sometimes have start and end dates.  You can add those fields to one of your category views, then select the way you want to see the dates.

Steve Warren

· Mechanics

How to Back-up M1 and T1

Do This RegularlyYou may have noticed  the “backup” button has been removed from the start-up screen. The function was giving us problems when the datbase(s) we kept on servers instead of local machines. Also, all smart operators have server data backup systems in place anyway.  I’ve always thought it was just as easy to simply copy the M1/T1 databases to…

Steve Warren

· Artists

Artist Separation

More Trouble Than It Need BeToday’s world.  The label says the song is a duet by This Singer and That Singer featuring Third Singer. The question comes to me regularly: How do I add separation for the Third Artist. Back in my consulting days, people have paid me money for this advice:  Artist separation of more than an hour is…

Steve Warren