Music 1 music scheduling software was created by Steve Warren, a music radio programmer of long experience and a computer code-writing genius named Neil Campbell.  M1 debuted in '94 as the first Windows-native scheduler.

There are three versions.
Music 1 Version 7 Professional is the most advanced and is used by both broadcasters and webcasters.  As with the other top schedulers in this field, this is a lease/license application. Our rates are usually lower than our competitors.

Music 1 SE is a Special Edition for webcasters. Based on the code of Version 7 is has the same look-and-feel.  This is a buy-out software.

Music 1 LE/Legacy Edition was originally our Version 3. This one has a rather sparse look to it when compared to 7 and SE, but is a solid performer and a popular choice for broadcasters who prefer to buy software rather than have monthly lease/license fees.

TRAFFIC 1, our Traffic/Billing Module: With this optional module in Version 7/Pro, it also schedules all advertising, does the billing and invoicing. Music 1 is the first and only does-it-all scheduling tool for radio.