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Same Artist Comes Up Too Much

Packeting and PlatooningAn Artist separation problem is the first scheduling problem most people encounter when they get MusicOne.  Or any other scheduler, for that matter. When an Artist is giving you problems, the first thing to do is to go to the Artists tab and run a Computed Separation on the singer.  See what is possible for the artist and…

Steve Warren

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Radio Drops #8 - How to talk on the radio - pt.2

The Three Speaking ZonesPersonal: Your listener is three to ten feet away.You speak with a comfortable volume.Public: Your listener is on the other side of the room. Or, there are six or a dozen people in the room. You speak louder.Intimate: Your listener is very, very close and what you are saying is private. Two Examples: One Personal, One PublicHere are…

Steve Warren