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Radio Drops #5 - The A.I. Jingle

A.I. Voices Aren’t Yet Human. Jingles are Close Enough.We are all actors. Not just us media people, all humans are acting out their own lives. We behave differently and we talk differently depending on the situation. We never, ever talk ‘perfectly’.  Yes, today’s audio technician geek can replicate a person’s voice well enough to fool 90% of people, but it…

Steve Warren

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The DAX system in the UK and EU

Internet Radio MonitizationI’ve been wondering why nobody’s done it before now. Well, that’s not quite right; there have been a few failed attempts. It’s always been obvious that we ought to aggregate internet streams into one big “network” for advertisers. If it costs an advertiser $25 to put his message into the ears of one thousand radio listeners in a…

Steve Warren

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Sound Codes Used to Format Pre-Song Stagers

Schedule a Voice Track or Schedule A SweeperSituation:  You have two types of Stagers that you schedule before songs. Produced Sweepers (or Jingles) are to play before songs with Voice-Opens (like, Take A Chance On Me/Abba) and Dry-Voicers are to schedule next to songs with Intros (like, Mama Mia/Abba).  Then, the automation system will lay that voice track over the…

Steve Warren