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Help! I need to restore back to an earlier copy of my station library file!

M1 makes a clone of your library file the first time you start it each day.  It names the backup for the day of the week.  So, when you open your library on a Tuesday, it overwrites the clone that was made the last time you opened it on a Tuesday.  Should you ever need to jump back to an earlier version of your database, here’s how:

Can I run Music 1 from different computers on our station network?

Yes. Here’s how to set it up.  First you must place the (station).m1 library file into some folder OTHER THAN the Music 1 folder where the library normally resides. On your server, I suggest creating a folder named  M1 Data put your station.m1 file into that folder and put your Logs sub-folder, too. Install MusicContinue Reading

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