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Using MediaMonkey To Edit mp3 Tags

Before importing mp3 meta-data (tags) into Music 1, it is super-important that you check to ensure that each and every audio file is correctly “tagged”. You don’t want to import a lot of songs with the title of: Track 1 and the artist as:  Unknown Artist.

MediaMonkey is a media player and a neat piece of software. It is a nice interface that allows you to quickly scan your audio folders and spot song files that are in need of tag editing. Additionally, it can export song data to a text file of data that can then be readily imported into M1. The basic version is free and can be downloaded from

Here are three videos showing how to use it.






Mp3 Tags – Explained

Many people don’t know the difference between the mp3 file name and mp3 “tags” (also known as: meta-data). If you’re running an internet radio station, it is important to not only know the differece, but to have the correct tag data entered into the Title and Artist fields. This video explains.

Re-Importing Song Data From Mp3 Tags

When adding new music, do I need to Rescan the folder with music, or do I just scan the folder that has the new music in it? you can re-scan the full folder if you want. M1 will not re-import data, it won’t make a new/duplicate song card. so, if you scan and select allContinue Reading

Tag Editing With Windows

Version 7 Imports mp3 Tag Data

How to Edit mp3 Tags

Here’s a tutorial for webcasters using Version 7 Pro or SE Version 7.  It’s about mp3 tags, what they are and how to edit them before importing library data into M1.

What’s the best way to name my audio files?

Short answer:  Artist-Title I’m in favor of simplicity and efficiency.  Artist-Title makes it easy to quickly sort all the files in the Windows folder/directory view and the look of each file is clean and uncluttered. Now some folks want to have the Album as part of the filename, too.  So the name then becomes:  Artist-Title-Album.mp3  Continue Reading

When I imported my library from a csv file that I exported from SAM, a bunch of songs that I know I’m playing didn’t come into M1?

….check your mp3 tags.  M1 won’t import song data from a record that has an empty Title field within the mp3 tags.  It is really, really important that you get all the tags in order, updated, corrected before you export the data to the .csv for M1 to import.  You can update the tags inContinue Reading

Live365 Is Flagging Some Of My Playlists for “too many songs by same album” ?

The DMCA Rules are built into M1, is there a way to alter them? No, this is hard-wired by government mandate.  So, you can’t tell M1 you want to allow only 3 songs by an artist in a 3 hour period, the DMCA rule is 4.  The only thing you can do is turn offContinue Reading

Can Music1 set parameters with albums?

…it can, but the import from Live365 locker does not give us the Album information……it should, been that way from the beginning. don’t know why Live365 didn’t give it to my programmer…i’ll talk with him tomorrow about it…and we’ll have to get with the Live365 tech guys, i’m sure, to get it updated. …….for theContinue Reading

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