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Click-and-Hear Auditioning

To use M1’s built-in auditioning player, you must have the drive/path/filename entered into the FILE field on the M1 cards. If you have the audio files tagged, then M1 can automatically import and update the data in the File field. This will work with .mp3, .ogg, .wma and other “tagged” audio files. .wav files do… Continue Reading

Importing Data from Mp3Tag

Many webradio operators have their playout systems and all the audio files for their station on a dedicated computer for their broadcast and Music 1 installed on a different computer. In this case, one can’t use the tag reader/importer that is built into M1 because the files are on a different machine. One way to… Continue Reading

Mp3 Tags – Explained

Many people don’t know the difference between the mp3 file name and mp3 “tags” (also known as: meta-data). If you’re running an internet radio station, it is important to not only know the differece, but to have the correct tag data entered into the Title and Artist fields. This video explains. Continue Reading