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Multi-User Mode Passwords

Multi-User mode is use whenever the station library/database is kept in some folder OTHER than the c:\music 1 folder and when more than one computer/workstation will be using M1 to schedule and edit.

Backup Functions

There are two ways to backup your library data in M1. One is automatically done, the other is something you should do manually at least once a week. Manual Backup-Zip File When you first start M1, before you open your database, click the Backup button you see on the opening screen.  This will create aContinue Reading

Automatic Shut Down

I’ve upgraded to Version 7 now and sometimes when I come back into my office, the computer is telling me Music 1 has shut down due to inactivity. It never did that before. Is this a problem? No, that’s a function we added to solve a problem some guys had. Several times over the years,Continue Reading

Backup and Restore

When you start Music 1 each day, it automatically makes a back of your library database. This clone is kept in the folder named Dailybak. There can be up to seven recent copies of your database in that folder. Additionally there is a zip utility that allows you to zip both your database and yourContinue Reading

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