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Windows 10

Music 1 and PlayoutONE both work smoothly with Windows 10.

When the new Windows 10 OS arrives, if you are going to install it as an upgrade over either Windows 7 or Windows 8, you must first have Windows REMOVE/UNINSTALL Music 1.  This uninstall will not remove your Music 1 folder, your library database(s) or your log files.  You may want to run the back-up utility within M1 before you do the uninstall for piece of mind.

After you’ve uninstalled Music 1 from the Windows 7/8 operating system, you then upgrade the computer to Windows 10 and then you re-install Music 1.

If you are doing a clean install of M1 onto a computer that is already running Windows 10, all you’ll need to do is move your library database(s), and Logs folder to the new c:\music 1 folder

The M1 license authorization is contained within the library file, so it will open up on the new machine without need to update that code.

Backup Functions

There are two ways to backup your library data in M1. One is automatically done, the other is something you should do manually at least once a week. Manual Backup-Zip File When you first start M1, before you open your database, click the Backup button you see on the opening screen.  This will create a… Continue Reading

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