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Viewing The Song Rotation Chart During Scheduling

In earlier versions of Music 1, if you wanted to see a song’s past rotation as you were scheduling and editing, you had to first double-click to open the Song Card. ¬†With the release of Version 7, we made it easier and more efficient to access and view.

Drag, Drop and Swap During Scheduling

It recently occurred to me that a lot of Music 1 users don’t know about this function. This short video is taken from a longer tutorial that was posted on the main website a couple of years back, but you may not have seen it before now and so you may not know about thisContinue Reading

Artist Separation – During Scheduling

The scheduling/editing move shown in the videos below is the standard M1 ‘action’ to be used when it stops on a slot with a rule violation problem; when all it’s choices at that moment would violate one of your formatting rules.  

Adding Spot Break Units

Spot Breaks in M1 can be used in one of two ways: 1) To put merge-points into the log file it produces for the automation system. 2) To import the advertising schedule into M1, which will then export a fully merged log file to the automation system.

Using MediaMonkey To Edit mp3 Tags

Before importing mp3 meta-data (tags) into Music 1, it is super-important that you check to ensure that each and every audio file is correctly “tagged”. You don’t want to import a lot of songs with the title of: Track 1 and the artist as: ¬†Unknown Artist. MediaMonkey is a media player and a neat pieceContinue Reading

Mp3 Tags – Explained

Many people don’t know the difference between the mp3 file name and mp3 “tags” (also known as: meta-data). If you’re running an internet radio station, it is important to not only know the differece, but to have the correct tag data entered into the Title and Artist fields. This video explains.

Moving “Found” Songs To Different Categories

Here’s a short video about moving songs from a “searched” list.

Selection Categories Video

Selection Categories are a special type that allow songs to be in two different rotation groups. You can use Selection Categories for “theme” programming; like, if you want to have a “mellow” hour each night at ten where you play only a special selection of songs but you also want those songs to be scheduledContinue Reading

Scheduling In Automatic Mode

As you know, Music 1 was designed for “manual” scheduling and editing. If you make your edits and choices AS the schedule is being run, you get much more consistent song rotations. The “edit after the schedule is done” system used by other music schedulers is the reason they continue to over-play some songs andContinue Reading

Tag Editing With Windows

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