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Mp3 Tags – Explained

Many people don’t know the difference between the mp3 file name and mp3 “tags” (also known as: meta-data). If you’re running an internet radio station, it is important to not only know the differece, but to have the correct tag data entered into the Title and Artist fields. This video explains. Continue Reading

Selection Categories Video

Selection Categories are a special type that allow songs to be in two different rotation groups. You can use Selection Categories for “theme” programming; like, if you want to have a “mellow” hour each night at ten where you play only a special selection of songs but you also want those songs to be scheduled… Continue Reading

Scheduling In Automatic Mode

As you know, Music 1 was designed for “manual” scheduling and editing. If you make your edits and choices AS the schedule is being run, you get much more consistent song rotations. The “edit after the schedule is done” system used by other music schedulers is the reason they continue to over-play some songs and… Continue Reading

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