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Christmas Scheduling

Great time of the year, but with all the multiple versions of the same classic songs, it takes a bit of planning to ensure you don’t get two versions of White Christmas showing up in the same hour.  Here are three short videos showing how to handle Christmas most efficiently.



Moving “Found” Songs To Different Categories

Here’s a short video about moving songs from a “searched” list.

A Question About Shuffling and Separating Artists

How does it affect the rotations and scheduling of a category when I give it the shuffle and separate artists command? Will all the songs in the category still play as they are supposed to? …yes. M1 is set to play every single song in a category before it repeats any single song. now…after aContinue Reading

Category Views

You can design different “views” for your Categories, each view showing different data fields from your song cards. Here’s how:

Play Number Option

When a song is added or moved into a new/different category, it is added to the bottom of the stack. Even if you then manually move it to the top of the stack, that does not necessarily mean it will be immediately scheduled at the start of the next schedule/log that you create. The PlayContinue Reading

Selection Categories Video

Selection Categories are a special type that allow songs to be in two different rotation groups. You can use Selection Categories for “theme” programming; like, if you want to have a “mellow” hour each night at ten where you play only a special selection of songs but you also want those songs to be scheduledContinue Reading

Selection Categories

We have a Saturday Night Fever disco program and we also play a number of disco songs in our regular rotation, throughout the week. M1 won’t let me import the same song twice and I couldn’t clone them. Is it possible to have the same song in two separate categories at the same time? In thisContinue Reading

How Can I Make Some Songs By An Artist Play More Than Other Songs By The Artist?

I’ve got a category with a bunch of songs by one artist. I want some of those songs to get less play that others. How can I get that to happen? You can do it with Packets. A Packet is a Category that is placed into another Category. The Packet “rotates” as if it wereContinue Reading

Help Me With My Rotations

I’ve looked at some of my category rotatin prediction charts and some of mine suck – we’re talking lines straight down with no diagonal period.  Yikes!  So generally speaking, which is better for rotaion correction? Use Flip only in the most rare of circumstances. Example: you have a Power Current category with 4 songs inContinue Reading

Controlling the Tempo Mix

We would like the tempo (medium/slow/fast) of our music mix to change throughout the day. How do we achieve this? For our main rotation music, do I just create 3 categories – medium/slow/fast – and schedule this at the different times that I want the specific mood to appear? YES that is the most efficientContinue Reading

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