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Selection Categories

Selection Categories allow songs to be in two categories at the same time. In this demo, I’m making a Selection category and filling it with Rolling Stones songs.  Then I can make a clock that will schedule Stones and nothing but Stones and then use that clock for an All-Stones hour on Saturday night.  Selection categories don’t have to be artist-specific, of course.
They can be any grouping of songs that you choose.  The songs in a Selection category will have totally separate, unique rotations from what the songs are getting within their regular Master categories.




Packet Removal

How do I remove a packet from a category?   NOTE: In Music 1 SE, the Remove button still says: Delete. It is OK to use the button. It also removes the packet from the category and presents it again as a regular music category. Continue Reading

Shuffle and Shuffling Categories

How often should I shuffle my categories?  This is purely a personal preference. The main reason to shuffle is to eliminate song sequence “predictability” within each category. Like, a station playing Pop Hits from 2000-2010 wouldn’t necessarily want a listener to notice that every time he heard a certain song by Rob Thomas, about fifteen… Continue Reading

Christmas Scheduling

Great time of the year, but with all the multiple versions of the same classic songs, it takes a bit of planning to ensure you don’t get two versions of White Christmas showing up in the same hour.  Here are three short videos showing how to handle Christmas most efficiently.     Continue Reading

Play Number Option

When a song is added or moved into a new/different category, it is added to the bottom of the stack. Even if you then manually move it to the top of the stack, that does not necessarily mean it will be immediately scheduled at the start of the next schedule/log that you create. The Play… Continue Reading