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I've been testing Music 1 SE. Is there a possibility to set a song to be an "opener", so that after
a break (non-music element?) only songs with "opener"-flag are scheduled?

such a thing is possible with 7x/Pro but not with SE.   however, even if you get 7x/Pro, i will advise a different manner for getting this type of thing accomplished.   you indicated you have experience with PowerGold.  a good program,  but PGold is something of a clone of the original Selector design, as is MusicMaster. they are different in some of their functions…but all three are similar in their basic philosophy of design and function.  you may have seen me talk Music 1 ‘way’ in one of my videos.  if not, you can see it here. the design of other music schedulers call for the software to schedule the entire day, then you edit the log and fix all the problems. the M1 idea is:  do the editing during the scheduling run.  fix things immediately. our way delivers more accurate, reliable song rotations and very reliable song plays.  M1 will not over-play some songs in a category, it will not under-play some songs in a category. i expect you’ve noticed a thing like that happening with your other scheduler.

If you want to have “openers” in M1, it will be best to create a category for it.  you could have “Gold” and “Gold Openers”, for example, putting only the Gold Openers category after your spot breaks and Gold at other slots in the hours. doing it this way, you’ll always know, in advance, just what the rotation and hour-placement all of your Openers songs will be getting.

The problem with having all of the Openers and non-Openers in one single category is this:

say you have 100 songs in the category and 40 of them are classified as “Openers”.   now, let’s say you put the category onto your format clocks five times each hour.   and that two of the slots are fixed to be Openers-only.   what results is: there will be five slots every hour where an Opener can be scheduled…but there will be only three slots each hour where non-Openers will be allowed. so, the forty Openers will get much more rotation/spins than the sixty other non-openers.  when you look at the rotation-prediction chart in other schedulers, it may look very good…you may see that the songs are projected to be scheduled in all of the different dayparts during the week.   BUT…that projection is simple math that assumes all of the songs could/would be eligible to be scheduled in all of the hour-slots for the category during the week.  what actually can happen, however, is the mixed-math introduced by rules restrictions may result in a great many songs being scheduled over and over at the same time of day.   so, then you enter a rule that says: No, don’t let that happen.   But that rule then leads to tempo problems, or to artist separation problems. it becomes something of a messy maze trying to figure out how to get

So, yes, with Music 1 Version 7/Pro, you can get it to look into the Gold category that follows a spot break and select an “opener”.  But if you truly want only an “opener” to follow spot breaks, it is best, most efficient, most reliable to create a Gold Openers category that contains only your openers and format that category as needed.

Tell me how the Title Separation rule works.

I see there is a title separation rule for each category. Does that mean that the title separation rule applies to the individual songs in each category, or does it apply universally? Title separation only applies to songs of same title in “other” categories. if you have “Chattahoochie”  and “Chattahoochie – Live”  both in Power… Continue Reading