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Clock Time/Content Rules

Is it possible to set up a rule that prevents Music 1 from completing a log if an hour is under 58-60 minutes?

Clock Time-Content Rules1

Clock Time-Content Rules2


Artist Separation From Previous Day

I got a song by Madonna scheduled just after 7am on Tuesday, then on Wednesday another (different) Madonna song scheduled about 7:20.  How do I prevent that from happening? On the Cock Rules screen you will see the box Artist Previous/Next day. Here you can enter a time for such separation. Be very careful with this rule,Continue Reading

Controlling the Tempo Mix

We would like the tempo (medium/slow/fast) of our music mix to change throughout the day. How do we achieve this? For our main rotation music, do I just create 3 categories – medium/slow/fast – and schedule this at the different times that I want the specific mood to appear? YES that is the most efficientContinue Reading

Clock Rules – Female Separation

Can I get Music 1 to separate songs by Females. I don’t have many female songs in my library. With my last scheduler, I had create All-Female Categories and All-Male Categories to make sure I didn’t get two gal singers in a row. Yes, M1 can assure that you’ll have no 2 females back toContinue Reading

Artist Separation

Here’s a three minute tutorial showing how to set Artist Separations in Version 7

On my finished schedule, every song is showing in red (violations) font. What does this mean?

Any songs that have been scheduled that are in violation of a formatting rule will display in RED font. If all of the songs on a scheduled clock show RED…then you most likely have a time setting in the Violations column. and it will be the same for every song. what this means is theContinue Reading

Can you help me with an artist separation problem?

I’m getting all kinds of stops for Artist separation problems.  M1 didn’t use to stop so much during scheduling.  Now, its taking me fifteen or twenty minutes to schedule and edit the log every day. I got your library file and here’s what I found:  You’ve got four songs by Pink in your three CurrentsContinue Reading

Tell me how the Title Separation rule works.

I see there is a title separation rule for each category. Does that mean that the title separation rule applies to the individual songs in each category, or does it apply universally? Title separation only applies to songs of same title in “other” categories. if you have “Chattahoochie”  and “Chattahoochie – Live”  both in PowerContinue Reading

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