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Rule Violation: Time

During a scheduling / editing session, you may sometimes encounter a violation alert that shows only a Time. On a log schedule, every music item will display in red font and in the Violations column they’ll all have the Time.  In the Selections list below the Schedule screen, songs will appear with a different Time flag. This serves a specific purpose. Most commercial stations over-schedule their hours by one or two songs so there will be sufficient content should the commercial load for the hour be lighter than expected. Newly created Clocks automatically allow for 65 minutes of content. Should a fully scheduled clock-hour have more than 65 minutes of content the Time violation will appear.

M1 will not stop for this one, rather it will be displayed as an alert.



  I’ve been testing Music 1 SE. Is there a possibility to set a song to be an “opener”, so that after a break (non-music element?) only songs with “opener”-flag are scheduled? such a thing is possible with 7x/Pro but not with SE.   however, even if you get 7x/Pro, i will advise a different manner for getting… Continue Reading

Tell me how the Title Separation rule works.

I see there is a title separation rule for each category. Does that mean that the title separation rule applies to the individual songs in each category, or does it apply universally? Title separation only applies to songs of same title in “other” categories. if you have “Chattahoochie”  and “Chattahoochie – Live”  both in Power… Continue Reading