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StationPlaylist Creator Log Output

Music 1’s playlist output for Creator was updated with our Revision 292 and there was an update of SPS/Creator at the time of this release. Below are the settings to use for Creator to correctly read and import the Music 1 playlist file. In this example, the Log Folder has been designated to be: c:\Music 1\Automation Logs That is where this particular installation of Music 1 was told to save it’s output. You may, of course, have M1 putting the playlist/log files for Creator in some other directory/folder. That is OK, but you must make sure that the Creator Importer and the Music 1 output are both pointed to the same, exact drive/folder.

SPS Creator Importer v292

Audio folders for Internet Radio

Professional broadcast playout systems all use a short Cart Number to find and play audio files. That cart number is automatically linked to the audio file, no matter where on your drive the file may be saved. But most of the inexpensive internet radio automation/playout systems use the direct drive\path\filename to find and play songs.Continue Reading

Question About External Hard Drives

If I sometimes use two different computers, is it best that I use an external drive to have my music on, as music 1 will try pull from that folder that music is on? M1 itself doesn’t necessarily have to have any connection to the location of the audio files.  that is something your playout system willContinue Reading

Player Commands For StationPlaylist Creator

There are two outputs for StationPlaylist in Music 1/Professional. One for StationPlaylistStudio and another for the company’s Creator. Using Creator adds a lot more functionality to SPS, allowing one to manually insert Voice Tracks into a finished schedule, to merge a music schedule and a traffic schedule and to insert Player Commands that tell SPSContinue Reading

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