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Audio Folders

There are several posts and at least a couple or three videos on the M1 blog and the home site about audio folders and what I think is the most efficient way to keep and store audio that is used for broadcast. This is of less concern for station using pro playout systems that import all the audio into their own folders. But when a playout system uses the drive\path\filename to find an play audio, it is best to have a very “short” path to the tracks.

Here’s how I do it:

Audio Folders

Cloud Storage – Log Folders

Music 1 itself must always be installed to the default directory on the c-drive.  Your M1 data may be kept in one folder that you create on an external server or on one of the cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. I recommend naming the cloud folder:  Music 1 Data , however it can… Continue Reading

StationPlaylist Creator Log Importer Settings

Many M1/StationPlaylist users also use the SPS “Creator” as it is required to import a more complex playlist than is needed for StationPlaylist alone.  If one is doing remote voice tracking or wants SPS to have hard-syncs, soft-syncs, feed switching and time updates during the broadcast day, then it requires the Creator module. Below are… Continue Reading

Audio folders for Internet Radio

Professional broadcast playout systems all use a short Cart Number to find and play audio files. That cart number is automatically linked to the audio file, no matter where on your drive the file may be saved. But most of the inexpensive internet radio automation/playout systems use the direct drive\path\filename to find and play songs.… Continue Reading

Question About External Hard Drives

If I sometimes use two different computers, is it best that I use an external drive to have my music on, as music 1 will try pull from that folder that music is on? M1 itself doesn’t necessarily have to have any connection to the location of the audio files.  that is something your playout system will… Continue Reading