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StationPlaylist Creator Setup

Music 1 has one output for StationPlaylist Studio and another for StationPlaylist Creator.  Creator is the system’s own scheduler, but many SPS users get Music 1 because of the more advanced functionality and flexibility of our software.

The output for SPS is simpler; it’s just a basic .m3u-type playlist file but is delivered to SPS specially prepared in twenty-four individual hourly lists for each day. The output for Creator is more complex and allows you to add such things as hard- and soft-sync commands for time updates, network joins, etc.

With SPS, you tell the system where the M1-created playlists will be (the drive\folder) and tell it to “automate”.  After that, you just make your daily schedules with M1 and save them. Each night at midnight, SPS loads and launches the next day’s schedule.

With Creator, there is some set-up involved (details below). After you’ve got it prepared, you’ll make the daily schedules with M1, then manually import them into Creator and save them individually.  It is an extra daily step (you can do many days in advance, of course), but it’s not much trouble and only a few extra ‘click’s.

SPS - Remove Sync Codes 1

SPS - Remove Sync Codes 2
SPS Automation Folder Selection


SPS - Creator Tools Menu
SPS - Creator Importer Settings
SPS - Creator Log Foilder Settings
SPS- Creator Import Date Selection
SPS - Creator Importer Command

SPS - Creator After Import View

SPS - Creator Append External Playlist
SPS - Creator Select Playlist
SPS - Creator Click To Automate

Audio folders for Internet Radio

Professional broadcast playout systems all use a short Cart Number to find and play audio files. That cart number is automatically linked to the audio file, no matter where on your drive the file may be saved. But most of the inexpensive internet radio automation/playout systems use the direct drive\path\filename to find and play songs.Continue Reading

Question About External Hard Drives

If I sometimes use two different computers, is it best that I use an external drive to have my music on, as music 1 will try pull from that folder that music is on? M1 itself doesn’t necessarily have to have any connection to the location of the audio files.  that is something your playout system willContinue Reading

Player Commands For StationPlaylist Creator

There are two outputs for StationPlaylist in Music 1/Professional. One for StationPlaylistStudio and another for the company’s Creator. Using Creator adds a lot more functionality to SPS, allowing one to manually insert Voice Tracks into a finished schedule, to merge a music schedule and a traffic schedule and to insert Player Commands that tell SPSContinue Reading

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