The Music 1 Way

Simple and Efficient
The first music scheduler was released in 1979 and radio's music directors were soon spending two hours a day, editing the logs, fixing things the software didn't do correctly. A recent industry survey reported music directors still work at the task for about an hour every day.  Music 1 users finish job in less than 10 minutes.

The Key: Interactive Scheduling
Certainly, t
he music schedule must be edited if the station is going to sound the way it should.  Music 1 was designed for editing during the scheduling run.  In other words: Fix it as you go instead of cleaning up a mess after the daily log has been built.

The Others vs Music 1
The design plan of other schedulers is for editing to be done after the software has done it's thing.  Their algorithms "select" and fill every song slot. The music director is required to input an array of formatting rules, to assign levels of importance to each and all of those rules and the way they are applied to the many unique song characteristics that must also be assigned in an attempt to teach the machine to make appropriate choices. The software does its run, then the music director must find the song slots with formatting and music flow violations and fix them; and/or find the empty slots and fill them. This is an inefficient system.

Music 1 is unique in the field. Originally developed for the Mac, our blueprint is based on the idea that computers can not be taught to consistently make the right song selections.  One way or another a human is going to have to make some song choices and log edits if the stations content and music flow is to be superior. This task is best done during the scheduling run.  It is the most efficient way to do it. And, it also produces the most dependable, reliable song rotations.

M1 is the tool for hand-crafted music flow. Quick edits and artistic choices are made as the schedule is being created. This radically simple solution delivers perfect song rotations. Category spin-counts and song placement are always consistent for all songs in each category; none get over-scheduled, no songs get under-played.  You will immediately hear the difference in your music selection and flow.

This short video explains...

Music 1  delivers consistent song spins and consistent category rotations.