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The best way to learn the software is to watch these tutorials.  You can watch them online here.   You can also negoatiate to the videos using the navigation buttons on the left side of the screen.

If you've not used professional music scheduling software before, this video provides an  overview of the tool.

Importing Library Data
Before you can do anything with M1, you first have to get your song library data imported. Here's a collection of tutorials about the various ways to do it.
Playlist and Log Folders
When you save a new schedule, M1 makes two files; one for its own uses and another for your automation/playout system. That one is the playlist file.  You tell M1 how to name(date) it and where to save it on your computer. (3:13)
Importing Library Data Directly from Mp3 Tags
Music 1 doesn't necessarily have to be installed on the same computer with your playout/automation system, nor does it have to have access to the audio files broadcast by your station.  But if you do have M1 installed on the machine that has your automation system and your broadcast library files, then you can import mp3 tags (your library data) directly. (3:29)


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