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Overview of the categories screen; how to set the scheduling order, how to show and sort the song views.


Creating Categories
Categories are "rotation groups". These  are something like folders, but not exactly. Here's the explanation. There  are Music and Non-Music categories.  You can create as many 40 Categories in SE.  There's no limit to the number of songs or tracks that can be added to a category.


Song Cards
Basic information about the Music and Non-Music cards.


Another Look into Song Cards
This video repeats some of the information of the first one about Song Cards and provides some
additonal information.


For Duets on songs by Artists who both have other Solo songs in your library, you need to use the Artist 2 field.  This way, Music 1 can properly separate the Duet from the solo hits by both of the other two artists. 


Moving Songs
Two ways to move songs from one category to another.


Song Search
Quickly and easily find any song or non-music unit in the library.


Rotation Prediction
The Average Turnover grid is one of the most helpful tools in M1. With it, you can see a 'picture' of the
rotation pattern of each category. 


Rotation Change - Flip
If one of your Categories has a 'bad' rotation pattern and you don't want to change the number of
songs in the category or the number of times the category is used on your format clocks, you can use
the Flip command to alter the rotation pattern.  Be careful, though.  Flip should be used very rarely
and then very lightly.


Mass Changes
When you need to apply the same characteristic to a lot of songs, here's how to do it.