Importing Tags from Mp3s
Importing Tags from Mp3s
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Importing .mp3 Tags
After you've corrected your mp3 tags, you can import the meta-data directly into your Music 1 library.  See the videos below for demonstrations about tag editing.


Using MediaMonkey
MediaMonkey is a nice and free software that can scan your audio folders and export a .csv file to
import into M1. Use it to check, edit and correct your audio tags before exporting the data for import
into M1. It works with all the common audio formats. Get it at video
shows how to use it.


Using Mp3Tag
Mp3Tag is another free tag editor. This video shows how to use it.


Tag Editing With Windows 7 and 8
With these versions of Windows, tags can be updated within the folders.


Tag Editing With ProppFrexx
This playout/automation system as a nice companion tag-editor that is available as a free download
from the company's website