Version 7 Videos

Version 7/ Pro

Version 7 Videos
Scheduling Basics
Scheduling - Automatic
Song Cards
Hour Restriction
Creating Categories
Rotation Prediction
Ave. Turnover - Change/Flip
Song Search
Moving Songs
Mass Changes
Converting Tracks
Linking Tracks
Artist Update
Artist Gender
Artist Separation
Clock Items
Clock Rules
Clock Rules 2
Defining Dayparts
Scheduling Views
Scheduling - Song Swap
Scheduling Start Time
Folder View
Button Tour
Playout / Automation
Import Adverts
Advert Import Design
Multi-User Mode
Report Design
Log Print Design
Backup & Restore
Play The Hooks

Music 1 Professional Edition Videos

Some of these tutorials were made with earlier versions of M1 , so current version screens may be a bit different now, but all the basics demonstrated in the videos are essentially the same.

Importing Library Data
Before you can do anything with M1, you first have to get your song library data imported. We prefer to do all imports for terrestrial broadcast stations using professional automation systems here at the M1 office. These stations are usually switching to M1 from another scheduler and there is a lot of unique song data that needs to be imported. To get everything right, it can be a little tricky. We are happy to do the import for you. Most internet radio stations are using .mp3 audio files and good but less complex playout systems, so importing library data can be much easier for them. We have a collection of tutorials on the M1 blog showing all you need to know.

So, broadcast stations: contact Steve at the M1 office for assistance.

Internet stations:  Click here to view the library import videos.