How To Schedule By Hand

Pop Music Radio as we know it today burst into life in the 50s; Disc Jockey's playing records. Over the next two decades, radio's enthusiastic young programming minds developed ways to control song rotations to ensure that the high-rotation Current hit songs didn't play in the same hours every day, that Oldies got scheduled in all of the dayparts; that the first song after a Newscast was an uptempo monster hit.  Even if you already know how to use scheduling software, this is a good thing to know how it was done in the pre-PC days. It will give you some new insight into how to plan and construct song rotations and music categories with your software.

The article details the system that was used by the RKO Radio chain in the 70's, the greatest group of Top 40 Rock n' Roll radio stations that ever was or ever will be.  Steve Warren, developer of Music 1, learned it from the man running that show in 1973 and passes the knowledge on to you here. This system was the foundation on which Music 1 was built.

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