M1's Mac Heritage

The M1 algorithm, the way it works was pioneered on the Macintosh in the 80s. Radio's first (and only) scheduler for the Mac lived from October '87 until the Fall of '94 when it's offspring was born. Like the original Mac itself, the software was a technological wonder but a commercial failure. Few radio managers would approve buying new software that also required another $2500 computer to run it on.

The PD's and MD's who got to work with it were amazed and pleased with the Mac scheduler's simplicity and performance. It produced absolutely reliable song rotations and music schedules. At a time when music director's using DOS-based software were averaging ninety minutes a day editing the music schedules, the Mac software got the job done in less than ten.

The Music 1 project began in the Spring of 1992 when Steve Warren  formed a development partnership with brilliant code writer, Neil Campbell.  The task was to re-create the same scheduler for the still-young Windows operating system.  Music 1 was released in August of '94 as radio's first music scheduler for Windows.

It is the least complicated of professional music schedulers. And, it is the most accurate, reliable and efficient one.

    1) Accurate: Every song in each category receives the same number of spins each week and month.
    2) Reliable: Songs are always evenly distributed across the hours and dayparts.
    3) Efficient: Less than ten minutes daily editing produces excellent music flow.


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