Principles Of Music Radio Formatting

Music 1 CEO Steve Warren is a man of long experience as a disc jockey, program director and programming consultant.  He wrote one of radio's best selling training texts, "The Programming Operations Manual", a book that has been used as a guide and educational tool by several thousand young PDs around the globe.

He's taken the Formatting section from the Ops/Manual and expanded it,  adding some historical background about the origination and evolution of modern music radio.  This 50+ page report details the basic techniques used for constructing music categories, planning song rotations and format clock construction.

If you are new to music radio programming, we think you'll find "The Principles Of Music Radio Formatting" to be most interesting, informative and helpful. It is offered to you without cost with the hope that you can take these traditional music radio tactics, expand on the ideas and create a truly exceptional music radio station.

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