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First, please do a bit of reading on this site to decide which version may be best for your needs.  Here's a Version Comparison page.

When you install the software, you get a fully functioning version of the M1 edition you download. Each installer will include an Empty library file with which you may enter your own songs, create your own format clocks and schedule 14 music logs/playlists.

Broadcast  Stations
There are two versions to consider. Music 1 Version 7 is the most advanced software.  Music 1 LE/Legacy Edition doesn't have quite so many advanced functions but is a solid piece of software and is budget priced. 

You can request and install both of them, if you want.  They'll install into different directories.  Please read about both versions on the Documents page.

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Internet Stations
Music 1 SE/Special Edition is a full-feature scheduling tool for webcasters. It is based on the source code for Version 7 and has much of the look-and-feel of our most advanced software. SE produces the commonly used .m3u -type playlist file that can be imported and used by most of the widely-used webcasting playout systems; SAM Broadcaster, OtsA/V, ProppFress,  StationPlaylist Studio, Radiocube, etc. The M1SE playlist can also be read/played by consumer media players like WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc.

If you're a webcaster using one of the professional broadcast automation systems, you'll need to get either Version 7 or LE. Pro broadcast automation systems require a more complex type of playlist file than the simple .m3u file. 

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RECOMMENDATION: Watch several of the instructional videos on this site to get an understanding of the basic functions of the software.

It is important that you read about M1 before you start the software. The documentation will give you an overview of the Music 1 system and instructions for using the demo.

Get M1 documentation here.

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